Free-choice elective studies (UAS)

Bachelor of Business Administration, Elective Studies, Rovaniemi 2021



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VVV600 Asiakkuudenhallinta myynnin ja markkinoinnin tukena (not translated) 5 cr
R705LL69 Changing Working Life and Career Planning 5 cr
R301LL115 Digitalization 5 cr
VVV31 Finnish 2 5 cr
VVV32 Finnish 3 5 cr
VVV33 Finnish 4 5 cr
R301DL41OJ International Project Management and Funding Instruments 10 cr
VVV205 Introduction to entrepreneur's family and inheritance law 5 cr
VVV510 Investment expertise I 5 cr
VVV511 Investment expertise II 5 cr
VVV800 Nordic Academic Culture, Teamwork & Intercultural Competences 5 cr
VVV505 Personal financial literacy 5 cr
VVV202OJ Retail and Entrepreneurship / Economic Indicators and Management 5 cr
VVV201OJ Retail and Entrepreneurship / Management 5 cr
VVV200OJ Retail and Entrepreneurship / Operational Environment and Competitiveness 5 cr
VVV220 Safety skills in practice 5 cr
VVV513 Securities investment 2 cr
VV16L Self-management skills 5 cr
R705LL48 Social Media in Sports Sales and Marketing 5 cr
VVV500 Social media marketing 5 cr
VVV512 the ABC of investing 3 cr
VVV255 Visual Communication Tools 5 cr