Free-choice elective studies (UAS)

CampusOnline, Summer 2022



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R504TL90 Game Engines: Basics of Unreal Engine 5 cr
R504TL174 Pelimoottorit: Unreal Enginen jatkokurssi (not translated) 5 cr
VVV205 Introduction to entrepreneur's family and inheritance law 5 cr
K702HL25OJ Health Promotion in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Nursing 5 cr
R604ML72OJ Enhancing Nature Biodiversity 5 cr
R604ML117 Logging Plan and Timber Trade 5 cr
R601ML31OJ Development, Guidance and Promotion of Interests in Rural Areas 5 cr
RGCARE10OJ Green Care -perusteet 5 cr
RGCARE7 Green Care 5 cr
K702GL42 Elderly people with memory disease 5 cr
VVV505 Personal financial literacy 5 cr
VVV510 Investment expertise I 5 cr
R705FL53 Sports Physiotherapy 5 cr
R705FL54 Physiotherapy as part of rehabilitation 5 cr
R81ELMAOJ Animal welfare in tourism 5 cr
T25K81 Asian culture and art (not translated) 5 cr
T26K82 Extended Asian Culture and Art (not translated) 5 cr
T31L94 Using Social Media to Get a Job 5 cr
YVVY03 Psychological Safety in Organizations 5 cr
BIO2OJ The Basics of Circular Economy 5 cr
R599Y30 The Basics of Knowledge-Based Management 5 cr
799Y9AOJ Ethical Leadership 5 cr