Free-choice elective studies (UAS)

Tourism, Free-choice Elective Studies 2022





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R81ELMAOJ Animal welfare in tourism 5 cr
R801MAGOJ19 Arctic Guide 5 cr
R81ML40OJ Career Planning and Competence Branding 5 cr
801M15MOJ Event Management Project 5 cr
R801M132OJ Food and Drinking Cultures 5 cr
R81ML80 Introduction to Tourism Work 5 cr
R801MBOJ Personal Branding on Social Media 5 cr
R81OJ19PROJ Project Work in Tourism 10 cr
R705LL25OJ Providing Experiences and Improving Coping Skills 10 cr
R801MRAVOJ Responsibility and quality in restaurant services 5 cr
R801MVVIESTOJ Responsibility communication 5 cr
R801M152OJ Safety Competence in Working Life 5 cr
VVV220 Safety skills in practice 5 cr
VV16L Self-management skills 5 cr
801MKTESOJ Spanish: Español del turismo 5 cr
R801MKTRAOJ S´il vous plait 5 cr
R81ML35OJ Tourism Legislation 5 cr