Free-choice elective studies (UAS)

Common Elective Studies, Autumn 2022





All compulsory

R504TL173 Introduction to Nanosatellite Technology 5 cr
VVV666 YKI training 5 cr
XYV0012OJ Russian, Basic Course 3 cr
XYV0034OJ Russian Basic Course 2 3 cr
VV1KOJ Spanish 1 3 cr
VV1LOJ Spanish 2 3 cr
VVV300 Finnish Club 5 cr
VVV700 Responsible Event Managemnt 5 cr
YRIT1112 From a Business Idea to Market 5 cr
YRIT1114 Financial Management of a Small Company 5 cr
VVV333 Strength for career planning 5 cr
AMKO005 Introduction to Finnish Society and Culture 5 cr
R604ML25BOJ Logging Plan and Timber Trade 5 cr
R604ML71OJ Bio- and Circular Economy 10 cr
RGCARE5OJ Green Care Service Production 5 cr
R601ML91 Reindeer - Animal, Livelihood and Culture 5 cr
LUOVA1OJ Yleisötapahtuman järjestäminen luonnonvara-alalla 5 cr
R604ML72OJ Enhancing Nature Biodiversity 5 cr
R601ML31OJ Development, Guidance and Promotion of Interests in Rural Areas 5 cr
RGCARE10OJ Green Care -perusteet 5 cr
RGCARE7 Green Care 5 cr
R604ML122 Environmental Education 5 cr
R604ML83OJ Management of Urban Forests 5 cr
R601ML47 Winter Feeding of Reindeer 5 cr
R601ML25OJ Circular Economy and Bioenergy 5 cr
RGCARE3OJ Green Care -menetelmät ja toimintamuodot 5 cr
VR705LL1OJ Learning Practical Skills in Sports and Exercise 5 cr
VVV505 Personal financial literacy 5 cr
VVV512 the ABC of investing 3 cr
VVV513 Securities investment 2 cr
VV1BOJ Activating your Swedish Skills 3 cr
AMKO014 International Student Ambassador 5 cr
Työkykykoordinaattori-koulutus, opinnot on suunnattu hoitotyön, fysioterapian ja sosiaalialan koulutusten opiskelijoille
AMKO008 Renewable services for employment and work capacity 5 cr
AMKO009 A comprehensive approach to employment and work capacity 5 cr