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Consortium studies (LUC) – Free-choice electives studies in University of Lapland

The application period for studies in the academic year 2021-2022 has ended. You can find more information about the summer studies offered by the University of Lapland on the website

The application period for LUC -studies starting in the autumn will be in August. More detailed information about the studies will be updated on this page, as well as on the Open University website -> Opintotarjonta

Lapin yliopiston tarjonta
ONVAL0008 Information Law and Information Technology Law 5 cr
ONVAL0009 Communication Law 5 cr
ONVAL0010 Privacy, Data Protection and Data Security 5 cr
ONVAL0011 Developing E-Services and E-Government 5 cr
YRIT1111 Opportunities for entrepreneurship 5 cr
YRIT1113 Digitalization and Entrepreneurship 5 cr
YRIT1115 Starting and Developing the Business 5 cr
Basic Studies in Educational Psychology
KAPS0102 The development and agency of a human being 5 cr
KAPS0113 Crises of growth and development 5 cr
KAPS0114 Positive psychological perspectives to educational psychology 5 cr
KAPS0115 Love, relationships, and social development 5 cr
KAPS0116 Learning and ways of supporting the learner’s self-conception 5 cr
KKAS1100 Kasvatustieteen perusopinnot
KKAS1113 Education in Society 5 cr
KKAS1116 Learning and planning of teaching 5 cr
HAJO1100 Hallintotieteiden ja johtamisen perusopinnot
HAJO1103 Introduction to Leadership Psychology 5 cr
HAJO1104 Organizations and Leadership 5 cr
HAJO1105 Interaction Relations 5 cr
ayYMAR0100 Markkinoinnin perusopinnot
AYYMAR1101 Principles of Marketing 5 cr
AYYMAR1102 Consumer Behavior 5 cr
AYYMAR1103 Services Marketing 5 cr
AYYMAR1105 Marketing Communications 5 cr
ayYLAS0100 Laskentatoimen perusopinnot
AYYLAS1105 Financial Statement Analysis 5 cr
AYYLAS1107 Principles of Corporate Finance 5 cr
AYYLAS1109 Yritysverotus ja verosuunnittelu 5 cr
Lapin ammattikorkeakoulun tarjonta
VR705LL8OJ Physical Activity and Wellbeing in Cold 5 cr
VR705LL3OJ Developing Nature Relationship in Arctic Nature 5 cr
R705LL48 Social Media in Sports Sales and Marketing 5 cr
YRIT1114 Financial Management of a Small Company 5 cr
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