Free-choice elective studies (UAS)

Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing, Summer Studies, Rovaniemi 2022





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R702HL37OJ Guided Practice in Evidence-based Nursing 15 cr
R702HL57 Guided Practice in General Practice Nursing and Home Care 8 cr
R702HL55 Guided Practice in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Nursing 8 cr
R702HL56 Guided Practice in Promoting Family Health and Emergency and Outpatient Services Nursing 8 cr
R702HL54 Guided Practice in Surgical Nursing 8 cr
R702HL52 Guided practice in transforming health care environments II 5 cr
R700BB58 Guided Prcatice in Medical Nursing and Internal Medicine 8 cr
HYVO4OJ Leadership and entrepreneurship in Sports, Social and Health Care 5 cr