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Consortium studies (LUC) – Free-choice electives studies in University of Lapland

The application period for studies in the academic year 2021-2022 has ended. You can find more information about the summer studies offered by the University of Lapland on the website

The application period for LUC -studies starting in the autumn will be in August. More detailed information about the studies will be updated on this page, as well as on the Open University website -> Opintotarjonta

Lapin yliopiston tarjonta
ONVAL0008 Information Law and Information Technology Law 5 cr
ONVAL0009 Communication Law 5 cr
ONVAL0010 Privacy, Data Protection and Data Security 5 cr
ONVAL0011 Developing E-Services and E-Government 5 cr
PSAA1101 Sámi language as a threatened indigenous language 5 cr
PSAA1102 Repetition of Sámi language grammar 5 cr
PSAA1103 Didactics of Sámi language 5 cr
PSAA1104 Sámi speaking working environments 5 cr
PSAA1105 Textual skills in Sámi language 5 cr
Lapin ammattikorkeakoulun tarjonta
R504TL148 Summer Game Studies 20 cr
YRIT1112 From a Business Idea to Market 5 cr