Free-choice elective studies (UAS)

Bachelor of Sports Studies, Sports Instructor, Free-choice Elective Studies 2023



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R705LL47 Current Issues in Business Management 5 cr
VR705LL3OJ Developing Nature Relationship in Arctic Nature 5 cr
VR00BE71 Didactics of Water Exercise 5 cr
VR00BE74 Learning and Teaching Games 5 cr
VR705LL1OJ Learning Practical Skills in Sports and Exercise 5 cr
VV10K Luontosuhteen rakentuminen arktisessa elinympäristössä (not translated) 5 cr
VR705LL8OJ Physical Activity and Wellbeing in Cold 5 cr
VVV220 Safety skills in practice 5 cr
VVV220 Safety skills in practice 5 cr
R705LL48 Social Media in Sports Sales and Marketing 5 cr
R705LL96 Sports Law 5 cr
VR00BE73 Winter Sports 5 cr