International Business (full time day studies), Rovaniemi Autumn 2021


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Vastuullinen logistiikka 5
Yritysprojekti 5
Yritysviestintä 5  
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Globaali poliittinen talous 5  
Työoikeuden perusteet 5  
Vastuullinen sijoitaminen ja rahoitus 5  
Markkinointiprojekti 5  
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Ammattitaitoa edistävä harjoittelu 2 20    
Kansainvälinen markkinointi 5  
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Strateginen myynti 5  
Vastuullisuus ja laskentatoimi 5  
Strateginen johtaminen 5  
Tiedolla johtaminen 5    
Uudet innovaatiot 5    
Yhteiskunnallinen yrittäjyys 5    
Vapaaehtoistyö 5    
Urasuunnittelu ja itsensä brändäys 5    
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People and Cultures of the Arctic 5    
Introduction to the Arctic 5    
Tutkin ja kehitän 5      
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Opinnäytetyön toteuttamisvaihe 5      
Opinnäytetyön viimeistelyvaihe 5      
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Study objectives:
Are you interested in working in international business and specializing in sustainable business? Or do you perhaps want to be an entrepreneur. The Degree Programme in International Business emphasis understanding the big picture of business and how environmental and social factors impact of business decisions. You will get strong foundation in innovative business principles as well. Sustainability is part of most of the courses and you are able to tackle most pressing problems of the world after graduation.
After graduation you are able to work in forward-looking businesses as an expert in environmental or social issues and you are able to establish your own enterprise that have a positive impact on society, people and planet. Lapland and Arctic region offers ideal location to study sustainability in fragile environment.
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More about the language of instructions:
Studies are conducted entirely in English.

The content of studies:
Sustainable international business is the key element of the programme. You will learn basic skills relevant for work in sustainable business field, such as marketing, financial management, law, business communication, social and environmental issues, and project planning. Your knowledge deepens in business projects while you work together with local businesses and NGO’s. During your studies, you learn to recognize the challenges climate change and environmental issues, as well as social issues as human rights and larger well-being of people have on future of local and global business. You also learn about the possibilities of establishing your own business.

The way we study
You will study in a multinational student group with working language of English, in an innovative learning environment that combines theory, practice and modern facilities with advanced technologies that support effective learning. Teaching takes place both on campus and online. During your studies you will work and study in close cooperation with the local businesses. Internationalisation and globalization have naturally a central position in your studies. Working in teams is a key part of our studies.
The studies take place in Rovaniemi, Jokiväylä Campus. The city of Rovaniemi offers you excellent possibilities also for extra curriculum activities and sports. (https://www.visitrovaniemi.fi/ https://www.lapland.fi/ ).

Structure of studies
The International Business degree consists of 210 ECTS. The study time is in average 3,5 years.

1) Core and profiling competences 145 ECTS
2) Free-choice electives 15 ECTS
3) Practical training to enhance professional skills 30 ECTS
4) Research and development competence incl. Bachelor’s thesis. 20 ECTS

The IB programme provides you with extensive and balanced professional skills in the field of sustainable business and cross-border and diversity management.
You compile an ISP in which the progress of your studies is planned in detail. The core of entire IB programme is to create new entrepreneurship and responsible business related competences in international environment. The concept of sustainable development is a cross-cutting theme of the programme.

Final project:
The thesis project including RDI methods (20 ECTS) combines the various objectives of mastering a profession. You will indicate your ability to apply what you have learned by solving a professional problem and developing your professional field. The thesis project can be investigative or it may be linked to product/service planning or applications in their own field.

Career opportunities:
This degree allows you to be employed in various tasks in different fields in business and in the public sector.

Depending on your individual study path, you can work for example as:
• Marketing manager
• Head of customer relationships
• Head of services
• Sales negotiator
• Project planner
• Entrepreneur
• Environmental health & safety (EHS) manager
• Sustainability manager
• Entrepreneur

You will get a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) in International Business. Bachelor’s degree gives the opportunity to continue to Master’s studies.

Internationalization :
The environment in Rovaniemi is international both on campus and in town. Your learning environment is also international and you will be studying in multinational groups together with your classmates and exchange students all over the world.
The students are encouraged to study abroad as part of their degree and they also have a possibility to do their practical training abroad.
You can also apply for the double degree in Turiba University (http://www.turiba.lv/en/ ) or in FH Aachen UAS (https://www.fh-aachen.de/). Double degree programme provides you the opportunity of studying for a definite period at a partner institution and getting a degree from both institutions.

Co-operation with other parties:
Learning by working together with real business life is one of the key element of the programme. The programme is implemented by means of various course assignments as well as practical training and joint projects with working life.
You can participate in the courses offered by Lapland University Consortium (LUC) and other suitable organizations. Depending on the studies within LUC or other institutions, some additional fees may be charged by the organizing institution.

Postgraduate study opportunities :
The Bachelor of Business and Administration (BBA) gives the needed knowledge to continue to study Master Business and Administration (MBA) in different institutions.
Further information to study Master of Business and Administration in Lapland University of Applied Sciences can be found from the webpages: www.lapinamk.fi

Contact persons
Hannele Niemi
E-mail: hannele.niemi(at)lapinamk.fi
Telephone: +358 40 710 6419