Tourism (full time day studies) Rovaniemi, Autumn 2021


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Valitse näytettävät lukuvuodet, lukukaudet ja periodit (kun vain yksi vuosi on valittuna) alla olevilla napeilla. (K = Kevät, S = Syksy)
Lukuvuodet 1 2 3 4
Hae nimellä: op 1 2 3 4 1S 1K 2S 2K 3S 3K 4S 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1
Orientaatio matkailun opintoihin 5
Suomi 1 5
Suomi 2 5
Matkailualan ruotsi 5
3. vieraan kielen opinnot 5
Monikulttuurisuus matkailu- ja vieraanvaraisuusalalla 5
Arktinen matkailu ja vastuullinen vieraanvaraisuus 5
Työelämän orientoivat opinnot 10
Matkailu globaalina ilmiönä ja elinkeinona 10
Matkailun liiketoimintamallit ja -prosessit 10
Matkailulainsäädäntö 5
Innovatiivinen yrittäjyystoiminta matkailualalla 5  
Pohjoinen liiketoimintaympäristö 10  
Basic Training 15
Advanced Training 15    
Akateeminen ja luova viestintä 5    
Kannattavien matkailupalvelujen kehittäminen 10  
Markkinointi ja sähköinen liiketoiminta matkailualalla 15  
Tapahtumien elämysmuotoilu 5    
Matkailualan päivittäisjohtaminen 5  
Matkailualan henkilöstöhallinto 5    
Matkailuyrityksen strateginen johtaminen 10    
Elämysten muotoilu yhteistyöverkostoissa 5    
Elämysten muotoilu rakennetuissa ympäristöissä 5    
Matkailukohteiden elämysmuotoilun kehittäminen 5      
Kansainvälisen matkailukohteen elämysprojekti 5      
Vapaasti valittavat opinnot
(Valitaan opintoja 10 op)
Suomi 3 5  
Suomi 4 5  
Palvelusaksa 5                                          
Opinnäytetyön menetelmäopinnot
Opinnäytetyön menetelmäopinnot 5    
Opinnäytetyön suunnitteluvaihe 5      
Opinnäytetyön toteuttamisvaihe 5      
Opinnäytetyön viimeistelyvaihe 5      
Opintopisteitä per periodi / lukukausi / lukuvuosi 80 60 55 25 35 45 25 35 20 35 25 35 35 10 25 27.5 7.5 20 27.5 7.5 25

Lukukausi- ja lukuvuosikohtaiset opintopistekertymät vaihtelevat valinnaisten ja vapaasti valittavien opintojen ajoituksesta johtuen.

Tourism is a fast-growing industry; one in ten jobs is already found in tourism. Lapland is an international tourism destination, which offers a real-life tourism laboratory and unique learning opportunities. In Lapland University of Applied Sciences, our Degree Programme in Tourism aims at giving you such skills and competences which the tourism and hospitality field requires.

Tourism Management and Experience Design can be described as the actual specialisation area of the programme. Experience Design is seen as a holistic approach of planning and designing tourism products, services and events. In the programme-specific competences we emphasise field-related skills of responsible tourism business, management and supervision as well as cultural and communication skills. Due to the specialisation area and one of the core competences in this degree programme, special attention is naturally paid to Service and Experience Design which are studied gradually from the very beginning of the programme and will be more focused on especially during the third and the last study year.

Entrepreneurship and business skills are included in your studies. Sustainable development and responsibility are the core elements which are taken into close consideration throughout the studies. There are also some useful tools and tests to be passed which are required e.g. by the Finnish legislation when working in tourism and hospitality and they are also included in your studies. LUC, the Lapland University Consortium (Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Lapland University) has a selection of common studies among which you can also choose your studies.

Your tourism studies, based on the competence acquired, are divided as follows:
Core Competence 110 ECTS
Profiling Competence 70 ECTS
Free-Choice Electives 10 ECTS
Research and Development Competence 20 ECTS

Core competence studies represent those basic skills and competences you will need for your further studies and your future career. All the language studies and trainings are included in these studies. The profiling competence is acquired by completing studies which require deeper knowledge of the field-related issues and in which you will specialise. The research and development studies contain all those studies which are required for completing your final thesis.

Your studies are divided into specific themes which are implemented at a semester level as follows:
1st autumn semester: Multicultural Tourism and Hospitality
1st spring semester: Multidimensional Tourism Industry
2nd autumn semester: Northern Region in Glocal Context
2nd spring semester: Managing Operational Business Processes
3rd autumn semester: Responsible Experience and Tourism Management
3rd spring semester: Developing Online and Off-line Experiences
4th autumn semester: Responsible Destination Management

Internationalisation and multicultural issues have naturally a central position in your studies, mostly due to the fact that the programme itself is international and its students come from various cultural backgrounds from all over the world. In addition, you have excellent opportunities to take a study exchange period outside Finland during the second year of your studies developing your international and multicultural skills and competences even further. We offer a large selection of our partner institutions where to complete your study exchange period.

As a student you have a possibility to explore the tourism industry and working life, and to develop your own professional skills in practical training periods. The practical training allows you to apply the things you have learnt during your studies. The degree includes 30 ECTS of practical training and you can also complete the training outside Finland. Training offers valuable networks with tourism companies and other organizations.

The studies take place in Rovaniemi, on Jokiväylä Campus. Study counselling and guidance have been paid special attention to in this programme. All students will get an individual study plan (ISP) in which e.g. credit transfers, previous work experience and recognition of prior competences and skills are included. Individual learning paths are therefore recognised in the ISP. From you we expect active attitude and coworking skills in a multicultural study environment. Your studies in which theory and practice are combined are implemented in a modern learning environment with good facilities and advanced technologies.
After graduating from our programme as a Bachelor of Hospitality Management you will have many interesting career opportunities as an expert in the tourism and hospitality field, working e.g. as a Marketing/Sales Manager, Travel Supervisor, Customer Service/Event Manager, Project Manager/Coordinator or as an entrepreneur.